Product Planning



The curiosity and inquisitiveness of a child.
We always think from a child’s perspective.

Our priority is safety, but we also try to ensure that our products are suitable for the child’s age and are made from the child’s point of view, not from the adult’s.
Children living in the digital age understand the importance of touch and experience with their own hands rather than virtually. So we develop educational materials that are effective for learning, easy for children to understand and enjoy, easy for teachers to teach, ensure stable quality at a reasonable price.

We develop and commercialize teaching materials that consider these factors and permanently provide them to as many children as possible.

In today’s world, the digitalization of design and development is commonplace. Still, at the same time, we are constantly thinking of ideas to move our hands and make our children smile. We can more precisely bring the image to life through in-depth discussions and technology.

We can bring the image to life more precisely through in-depth discussions and technology.